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Magic Hill Farm  HorsesMagic Hill Farm  Horses

Magic Hill Farm  Horses

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Please contact Emily Belin at 610 996-4367
or email at:


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"We Specialize in Preparing & Showing Youngsters
on the Line and in the Performance Ring"

«Boarding Rates«


« Full Board…….Please Inquire for Rate Sheet


 Includes all Amenities/Services listed below. Additional fees may apply for special needs including
but not limited to: Extra feedings, Ultimate Finish supplement, etc.

 ***All horses to be maintained on Super 14 & oil supplements at an additional $20.00 per      month.  All others supplements to be provided at owner’s expense via Smart Paks.


« Feed and turnout on a regular schedule (weather permitting)

« Blanketing and booting provided as needed for conditions

« Grain 2x per day, unlimited hay

« Weekly bran mash/electrolytes in colder weather and after shows

« Stalls cleaned daily and generously bedded

« Supplements provided by owner are fed, MHF prefers the use of SmartPak for convenience & accuracy

« Scheduled Deworming/Fecal checks  (Billed separately by Brandywine Equine Vet)

« Stable supplies provided (Brushes, shampoo, grooming products, etc.)

« Fly Spray is purchased by MHF and split/billed monthly amongst horses additionally

« Veterinary Care- scheduled & attended, MHF provides follow up treatments and handling.

« In house Vet is Brandywine Equine Veterinary Services.

« Farrier -we schedule and attend for farrier services as needed.

« In house Farrier is Jay Flynn, AFA Certified Journeyman farrier.

« Equine Dentist –we schedule twice per year for regular check-ups and attend appointments. Other appointments can be scheduled as needed.

« In house Dentist is East Coast Dentistry.

« Outdoor Arena with lights and new sand footing (100 x 200)  is maintained regularly, including maintaining jumps and courses

« Indoor Arena with oiled sand/ screenings footing…80 x 200 insulated steel building with lights (installed December  2009)

« Daily Laundry Service is provided at no additional cost, Extra charge for Heavy/Bulky items (billed additionally)

« Use of our facility’s amenities: Restroom/lounge, wash stall, tack room, arenas, etc

« Night check/24 hr. care as MHF owners live on premises



« Show/ Sales Preparation Board for Youngsters…….
              Please Inquire for Rate Sheet


***Magic Hill Farm’s Version of “Pony Kindergarten*** 

Includes: Daily handling necessary for showing such as:

« Imprinting of foals

« Teaching general manners and patience while being worked on

« Desensitizing through grooming and handling of all body parts

« Working to accept wearing a blanket, boots and/or wraps

« Working to pick up feet consistently and stand patiently (our farrier loves this!)

« Learning to cross tie quietly

« Getting youngsters used to standing, leading and jogging in a bridle.

« Teaching young ones to stand to be hosed and washed

« Learning to lunge lightly as needed

« Getting accustomed to the activity of a busy show barn

« Sizing, selecting & shopping for clothing, tack and equipment for youngster  





« Training Board………….……………Please Inquire for Rate Sheet


Includes all the amenities of Full Board plus 12 Pro Rides/Sessions/ Lessons per month.

Horses enrolled in this program will be kept on a consistent work schedule with particular attention devoted to each horse’s individual needs.


« Deluxe Training Board………………Please Inquire for Rate Sheet


Includes all the amenities of Full Board plus 16 Pro Rides/Sessions/ Lessons per month.

Horses enrolled in this program will be kept on a consistent work schedule with particular attention devoted to each horse’s individual needs.


« Starting Board………………………Please Inquire for Rate Sheet


  This training program is for those young horses to be started under saddle. Horses are required to be

  enlisted in this program for a minimum of  60 days, depending on the horse’s progress, before

  being eligible for another Training Board Option.                 

All Board Options include Laundry Service with the exclusion of Heavy/Bulky Items.

Those will be billed additionally. Magic Hill Farm will provide Blanket Service (wash only) on an as needed/requested basis for Turnout Sheets/Stable Blankets/ Medium Weight Turnouts and charged as indicated below. All Heavily Soiled items and items in need of repair will be sent out to “The Blanket Lady, LLC” and will be billed directly by them.


« MHF Blanket Service (Sheet)                                                                     $12.00

« MHF Blanket Service (Stable Blanket/ Medium Weight T/O      $15.00



«Training & Lesson Rates «


     «  MHF Boarded Horses     $35/ Professional Ride


      « Lessons                                 $35/ Half Hour Private Lesson

$60/ 1 Hour Private Lesson

                                                $50/ for ProRide/Lesson Combination Session

***Non-boarder add $10.00 to lesson/pro ride fee


« Horse Show School/Coach        

$60/ day for Coaching only + expenses                                                     $80/day for School & Coach + expenses


« Showing in Hand              $50/ class (Boarder)

                                      $100/ class (Non-Boarder)


« Showing Under Saddle    $15/ class for a division (3 to 4 classes)

$35/ class for individual classes


« Free Jumping Session                   $35/ session



«Grooming Needs and Show Preparation«


« Body Clipping (Pony)            

«Body Clipping (Horse)            


« Braiding                                     

«Mane Pulling                            

« Bathing                                      

« Lunging/ Free lunging                                              

« Groom Fee at shows               

« Hotel & Food for grooms/ MHF  

« Show Care for away shows  

« Shipping                                     



«Sales & Leasing  Services«


“Let us help you find your next Shining Star in the Show Ring!”



Purchasing/ Leasing as a Sales Agent:

Whether you are looking for a first Short Stirrup pony, Division Pony, Big Eq Horse, or the foundation broodmare for your breeding program, Magic Hill Farm can help. If we currently do not have the right horse or pony for you, we are always happy to assist you to find your perfect partner. We have many connections with reputable professionals in the business and will work tirelessly to help you find “the one.” We are always happy to help first time buyers or lessees through the whole process and make it a pleasant and exciting experience.

As a sales agent, Emily Belin especially enjoys & specializes in scouting for that “special” young prospect for the discriminating buyer. From foals in utero to horses ready to start in the Pre-Greens, we always keep an eye out for a promising young one. When only the best will do, we know just where to look…. Even if you are already working with your own trainer, Emily is happy to consult and work with both of you to find the quality youngster you both desire.  

Our Sales Services for Buyers Include, but are not Limited to:


«  Finding suitable Horses or Ponies in Your Price Range to view and try

«  Negotiating the Sale or Lease Terms on Your Behalf

«  Arranging for a Pre-Purchase Exam with a Reputable Veterinarian

«  Helping to Finalize Paperwork and Terms for the Sale or Lease

«  Coordinating Transportation to get your New Partner Home Safely

«  Other Services Available Upon Request

«  The Commission charged for Buying/ Leasing a Horse is 15% of the Final Purchase/Lease Price with a $500.00 minimum

Selling as a Sales Agent:


When it comes to anything in the horse industry, “Quality not Quantity” is our attitude. Because of this, we only like to represent and market a few select horses or ponies at any given time. For this reason, we are very limited in accepting horses/ponies for our Sales Board Program. We will only represent an animal that lives at Magic Hill Farm during the marketing period. Obviously, we can only feel confident representing animals that we know and work around on a daily basis. Safety and suitability is our first priority when selling your horse. Please see our services offered to assist sellers below. For those horses on “sale board,” a 15% commission to MHF will be deducted from sale price when sale is finalized. Sale board is offered at a reduced rate of training board. Please speak to Emily about our sale board program and pricing. These services are for Leases as well as Sales.


Our Sales Services for Sellers are, but not Limited to:


«  Evaluating your horse/pony to help you Price realistically & Market appropriately

«  Keeping the horse/pony in condition to show a Buyer at any time

«  Making a quality video of horse/pony (to be done by Tree Branch Media)

«  Posting video on the sales page of our website (DVDs can be made available as well)

«  Taking good Photos to advertise horse/pony with if you do not have suitable ones

«  Advertising  your horse/pony on the sales page of Magic Hill Farm’s web site

«  Advertising on other appropriate web sites and in suitable publications

«  Handling and screening all calls and emails from Prospective Buyers

«  Scheduling appointments to show your horse/pony to buyers

«  Negotiating the Sale or Lease on your Behalf

«  Being present for any Pre-Purchase Exams

«  Handling all paperwork and financial transactions to Finalize the Sale

«  We strive and accept nothing Less than a Clean and Fully Disclosed Deal Every time


«           Buying/ Selling Commission Rate:  15% with a minimum of $500.00


***Commissions are due at the time of the sale transaction. All sale/lease transactions of horses & ponies in the MHF program are subject to this charge. All clients expecting to purchase or lease an animal that will be in the MHF program are subject to this charge as well.



This fee includes the evaluation of animal for purchase/lease, screening and managing inquiries, preparing and showing the  animal to potential buyers, scheduling/attending vettings, handling sales paperwork as needed, and negotiating on our client’s behalf. Travel expenses/mileage will be billed directly to the client additionally for this service out of our local area (50 mile radius). Internet ads, print ads and video services will also be billed additionally to client.




*** Prices subject to change with at least 30 days
written notice from MHF***


«Magic Hill Farm’s Billing/Payment Policy«


Attention All Magic Hill Farms Clients:

For your payment convenience, we are pleased to announce that Magic Hill Farms, LLC is now accepting VISA and MASTERCARD. Please request a credit card information form from Emily to fill out and fax to us or call her to put your card number on file in our private office.  We ask that you do not email this personal information. All credit card transactions are subject to the prior approval by the client on an individual basis. Due to MHF’s new “Keep It Green” policy, monthly INVOICES will be emailed (except those who request a hard copy instead). To use the credit card service, there will be a 2.00% processing fee added to your bill to help cover the bank service fees charged to us for the transaction. Please contact Emily if you are interested in using this method option or have any other question about this service.

 Payments on your invoices are due within 10 days of the INVOICE DATE.  After 10 days, a late fee of $35.00 will be charged.  If the account is not paid in full within 30 days of the invoice, an interest charge of 1.5% (18% APR) on the unpaid balance will be assessed. We deeply regret having to do this, but many of our creditors have the same policies and we must abide by this also.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Emily, Magic Hill Farms, LLC







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